(Disturbing questions in the present simple, present continuous and present perfect tenses)

Witchy says: "Be merciful!!! This is not really a poem... I wanted to celebrate Women's day with a creative writing activity for students. So don't be too strict with a poor Italian witch!!"

Have you ever met her?

She's just an ordinary woman
With a 7/24/365 life standardization
Waiting for her “once-a-year” commemoration

Is Vanessa her name?
Or Mary, Sue or Jane,...
How old is she?
Twenty... thirty... forty or fifty..een
thanks to a bit of surgical liftin'?

Do you think she looks distressed?
Sure she must be very upset
Please, tell her that when you cry
no one at listening makes a try.

Has her husband been to a jewelry
where he spent all his salary
on a fabulous diamond ring
for their wedding anniversary?

Or has he just broken her heart
By telling her the nasty fact
He’s going soon to change address
and start to live with his mistress?

So the BIG question is:
Is she crying out of elation
or out of madness and desperation?

Is she a nice young lady
lovable, calm and temperate
like the sweet summer climate
spreading honey on all her mates?

Or is she a nasty sour feminist
simmering with disgust and hate
for her father who was too cold
her brother who took all mother's love
and younger sister everyone adored
making her feel so forlorn?

In her free time
does she watch
the latest episode
of her favourite soap?
Or, perhaps, does she see
the final match
of Champions League?

To last thing I don't believe...

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