Choose the right colour for Witchy's clothes!!

Click on the Play button and start to play with the colours of Witchy' clothes.

Click on each cloth and see what happens...

When you want to start again, click on Play!

1st activity:

Look at Witchy's clothes. What colours are they? Choose the right words:

Witchy is wearing tshirt with skirt. The colour of her shoes is . I really like her style!!!

2nd activity:

Ask your friend to change the colours of Witchy's clothes on her PC. Then guess which colours he/she has chosen. One score for each right guess. Swap roles and see who can guess more. Ask these questions and don't look at the screen!

  1. What colour is Witchy's tshirt? I think it's... .
  2. What colour is her skirt? I guess it's...
  3. What colour are her shoes? Maybe they are...
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