Virtual love, virtual reality…

green eyes



 I met your avatÓr

in an Internet coffee-bar

Later on we  played DOOM

In a crowded chatting room

People say it's a perversion

Sure sometimes looks like obsession

And never NEVER has the effects

Of the old material sex!



We communicate in real time

Download tons of kilobytes

Tear the bandwidth apart

With so many files attached 



What's the use of all that jazz

If I still don't know the taste

Of one good old-fashioned kiss?

Sure enough this one I miss

While the mystery of your face

Everyday travels in space…

Are your eyes blue, brown or green?

Before them I've never been!

Is your nose snub or straight?

How is it we never date?



Has a life of World Wild Webbing 

with real life got any resembling?

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