Tsunami means - a “huge wave in the bay”- and the word originated from Japanese. The recent science recognized as tsunamis all long sea waves generated by sources from different but not meteorological origins.
These are – earthquakes, submarine volcanic eruptions, submarine and surface landslides and rockfalls, etc. The vulnerable areas from the tsunamis are: the near shore zones – ports, facilities, infrastructure. Most vulnerable are lowlands, steep bays, lagoons, estuaries, deltas, etc

One of the many tectonic plates that make up Earth descends or “subducts” under an adjacent plate. When the plates move suddenly in an area where they are usually stuck, an earthquake happens.

An earthquake along a subduction zone happens raising the sea floor and the water above it. This uplift starts a tsunami.
Part of the tsunami races toward the land, growing taller as it comes to shore. Another part goes across the ocean toward distant shores.

An earthquake may serve as a warning that a tsunami is coming. Also a rapid fall or rise in coastal waters may be a warning.

Play it safe, even if warnings seem ambiguous or you think the danger has passed.

Expect many waves
The next wave may be bigger, and the tsunami may last for hours.

Head for high ground and stay there
Move uphill or at least inland, away from the coast.

Abandon belongings
Save your life, not your possessions!!!

Don’t count on the roads
When fleeing a tsunami caused by a nearby earthquake, you may find roads broken or blocked.

Go to an upper floor or roof of a building
Only if trapped and unable to reach high ground, go to an upper story of a sturdy building or get on its roof.

Climb a tree
As a last resort, climb up a strong tree if trapped on low ground.

Climb onto something that floats
If swept up by a tsunami, look for something to use as a raft.

Expect the waves to leave debris
A tsunami will leave behind sand, the remains of houses, and bodies.

Expect company, shelter your neighbours
… and last but not the least…

Say a prayer!!


Now it's time to test your ability at surviving a tsunami!!!
And don't forget to write your name!

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