Sunflower is Witch Hazel's Brazilian friend. Besides being a witch herself, she is also and excellent English teacher and teacher trainer. But let's give a look at what she says about herself in her exciting English lessons (you can photocopy and use them in your classes... )

New!!! Only Sunflower can explain in such a touching way why... We’re not merely teachers Read and wonder!

A very interesting study about how our amazing brain works, especially as regards speech: Understanding BROCA and WERNICKE speech areas

This is an amazing set of activities for beginners. Kids have to read some small texts which describe funny people and animals. Very very intriguing...

A lovely family     Jocely has hit again! She has sent us this wonderful description of a very funny family. Certainly  your students will enjoy reading it and doing the comprehension activities!

Appreciate your team         Suflower has written this inspiring column to remind us teachers that if we want to achieve our goals we must always keep in mind we are members of a team. Forget about "a solo's" in Pavarotti style! We must learn to sing in a chorus...

An encounter with mother nature

Believe it or not... I did it!!!

An unforgettable experience

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