Part one:
Witchy says:
"Once upon a time, in a magnificent castle, there lived a king with his beautiful daughter. The girl was always sad because she could not fall in love with any man. So the king decided to call upon a witch to the castle and ask her for a bit of counselling. The witch looked at the girl mutely, then took a gadget from her bag. “But this is a videogame player!” cried out the princess".

“”Yeaaah!” Answered the witch “First read the instructions and then you can play!”
The girl turned the player on and, being addicted to videogames, thought she could do without the instructions and threw the leaflet into the waste bin. In fact the game was very simple: she only had to put the pieces of a puzzle together. Being an expert, as I said, she soon tried the utmost difficulty level: some pieces of the puzzle were missing and she had to guess the whole picture with the ones she had at disposal. The first puzzle was called “The man you’re going to meet very soon!” and it first showed an ice-pinnacle, then a fur and finally an iceberg. “Splendid! The man of my life is a handsome prince from Sweden who lives in an ice royal palace in winter but in summer he moves to a castle in the woods which is surrounded by a park with rabbits elks and deer … “

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