Everybody writes poems every now and then in their lives but only a few people seem to have the right to call themselves POETS. (They are those people whose names appear in the index of a literary anthology). Why only them?

Even if you have never written a poem in your life, when you make up images in your mind, you actually think poetically. And if you sometime happen to transfer those images into words by using pen and paper, a keyboard or a stick dipped into the sand, I'm sure on that moment you'll be magically transformed from a simple human being into a full-feathered POET!!

Sometimes I tried to find words which reflected how I felt and, believe me, I felt much better after writing my *poems* (?). May writing poems have a therapeutic effect...  who knows?




:-)) = poem written in a good mood

:-(( = danger!!! poem written in a dark stormy night...


New! Lead me to your place :-)
PC poem :-((
A woman... :-((
Magic ring :-)
A voyage
The dark lady
Virtual  :-))
The night   :-))
Quiz poem  :-))
Lost in the web :-))
A raindrop :-((
My mobile :-))

Time passing


Earth's bird

Maggie Magpie's poem



Muddy's poems

Little white dog


Students' poems

New! A straw puppet



A homage to a great Pope

Over This, Your White Grave

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