A plastic body outside
with a nasty soul inside
For days it looks forlorn
Sad, silent and worn
And then he gets cheerful
And talkative and joyful
And so you beg him to shut up
“You’re bothering me all the time
with your noisy shrilly alarm!”
but he keeps on ringing and chirping
from morning to evening
from daybreak to sunset
and then decides to forget
about you and the call you expect
and keeps stubbornly dumb
so you try to flatter him
you grasp him
you try to cheat him
pretending you don’t care
but at him you just stare
your heartless friend
who will with you divert
only when he feels like that …

Witchy whispers in the teacher's ear: "Isn't it true that a cell phone is a student's best friend?"

"I hope you’ve overcome the shock of reading this poem… However, I'd better call it a joke since I want to use it to introduce a very special topic: the mobile phone! No student will ever contradict you if you say that a cell phone is a student's best friend… but it’s also true that most teachers hate them and are really annoyed when they ring, especially during one of their most inspired and brilliant lessons. That's why I'm suggesting a way to reconcile teachers with their pupils' mobiles through a series of cell phone-based activities. So photocopy the activities and hand them out to your pupils!"

1st activity
Switch your mobile to English language mode
and write down all the words you find in the chart below with the translation in your own language.


2nd activity
Write an SMS using all the trendiest abbreviations and achronims of the genre!
"Look FWD 2 seeing U next WKND. FWIW I luv U XOXX"

B Be / Bee
@ At
b4 Before
ATB All the best
C See / Sea
BCNU Be seeing you
CU See you
BTW By the way
Gonna Going to
BWD Backward
GR8 Great
H8 Hate
F2T Free to talk
FWD Forward
L8R Later
L8 Late
FWIW For what it's worth
Luv Love
FYI For your info
NE Any
GAL Get a life
NETHING Anything
Mob Mobile
M8 Mate
NE1 Anyone
MSG Message
NO1 No-one
PCM Please call me
OIC Oh I see
PLS Please
RU Are you?
RGDS Regards
RUOK Are you ok?
Stra Stray
SUM1 Someone
THNQ Thank you
U You
THX Thanks
UR You are
W With
Wan2 Want to
W/o Without
XLNT Excellent
WKND Weekend
YR Your
XOXOX Hugs and kisses
1 One / Won
2 Too / To / Two
4 For / Four

3rd activity
Work with your deskmate: Write an SMS (or a full lenght letter) by using the mobile abbreviation; then exchange the SMS with your friend and see if she can understand it. Lots of fun!!!

4th activity
Does your mobile have a translator?
Don't get addicted to it but write a sentence in English and then compare it with the automatic translation. You'll be shocked at seeing how misleading a machine can be... sorry! Can B...

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