Listen to what Witch Hazel has to say to you!

In this section  I suggest you some tricks which will change the class into an exciting magic place! In fact something really amazing will happen: the classroom will turn into an airport...


Instructions for the teacher:


punto elenco

Ask your students to  draw a label for each object in the classroom. Labels should be rather large, no less than a A4 sheet and the words should be written in big letters, possibly coloured so that they can be seen from a certain distance. Then students will have to stick or hang their labels next to the each object.

punto elenco

Increase the number of "landmarks" by adding labels for people and places. For instance you can ask the students  to write your name and your qualification (Mr. So and so, English teacher) on a sheet and even draw your portrait. (Of course they will do the same for all your colleagues so don't be hurt if you will not look beautiful in their portraits) And finally ask them to hang or stick these sheets on the walls.

punto elenco

Some “chalk and talk” teaching will be necessarily, unfortunately. Write the most common prepositions of place on the blackboard and let students copy them on their exercise-books.

  Now the most exciting and magical part of the lesson is going to start!
punto elenco

Ask the students to take a sheet and fold it to make a paper plane!

punto elenco

You don’t need to teach anything on the matter because each student is a competent and creative aeronautic engineer since they have been training each time you turned your back to write an important grammar structure on the blackboard. They also had intensive courses when you last got a flu and that young teacher substituted you. So they certainly already have the necessary prerequisites.



punto elenco When each student has placed their fleet on the desk, back-count from ten to zero and, while feeling like a Nasa General, order them to fly their planes. It’s an absolutely magical moment! It’s astonishing how beautiful the classroom can become with all the paper planes drawing elegant curved trajectories in the air… 
punto elenco

When all planes have happily landed and laughing and excitement are over, students may start some serious oral and written language activities, that is: describing where each plane has landed. Fortunately they have already labelled all the objects in the classroom and have also learned prepositions!

Just in case you have forgotten!! Click here for technical
paper plane instructions!!
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