Activity: become a perfect hand reader!  

Description: Students photocopy the charts of the hand lines and read it. Then they work in groups of two or more. One student is the palm reader, the others ask for his or her advice. The palm reader observes the hand and then consults the charts, then delivers the response.


intermediate and upper intermediate.

Language goals:

describing personalities, talking about past and future events, talking about possible events

Communicative and NLP goals:

learning how to establish “rapport”.
Important communication to the teacher"!!! This is what you have to say to your students in order to motivate them (according to Witchy...)
What does the future hold for you?

Do you want to know what the future holds for you?  The answers are in the palm of your hand. The hand can reveal your character, talents, ambitions, and the possibility of achieving them. Through the visible lines and markings of your hand, palmistry can tell you what has happened and what will happen in your life.

 It can provide you with clues about your health, happiness, career, family, and fortune. As you learn about your character traits, you will learn to shape your fate and determine your own destiny!


Instructions for the palm reader:

First read the chart hand lines, then look closely at your friend lines, finally try to interpret them. Do the same with the other lines as you learn them but practice only one line at the time.

Remember that all your advice must be given with good intentions: don’t be too hard or drastic if you happen to see some lines which you don’t like. Bear in mind that palmistry is not a science since no palm reader has ever received a Nobel prize!!!

For the teacher (aside...): Now you have realized that palmistry (or chiromancy) is a means for getting to know yourself deeper and realize whether the goals you have set for yourself in life are realistic or not. Go to the NLP section if you want to teach your students how to formulate outcomes (NLP footnotes).


However, isn’t palmistry a magical opportunity to have your students work in groups and communicate with each other in English? But be careful they don’t end by taking up palmistry too seriously… Always remind them: “It’s a joke!!”


And now let's learn how to read the palm mysterious lines!!!


Mind line chart: this is a horizontal line which starts near the life line and runs from below the heart line.

Line that overlaps life line for a long stretch

Line that runs separated from life line

Line that points to the Moon mount (downwards)

Line that goes straight to the little finger Mount of Mercury)

Line that meets the destiny line and ends there

You are still linked to your native family, at least intellectually. Try to be more independent

You lead a very independent life.      Think more about mum and dad sometimes!

You love literature and poetry, spend your time daydreaming and have a very sensitive personality

You are scientifically minded, love mathematics, business and foreign languages 

Your life is influenced and directed by external events. You should keep your own existence under your control!

Heart line chart: this is the highest horizontal line that runs across the palm and ends below the forefinger.

Line that ends between index and middle finger curved

Curved line that ends under index finger

Straight line that points to  index finger

Straight line that ends under the middle finger straight

No heart line at all!

You have a great capacity for understanding people. I would come to you for advice whenever I needed it!


You have a romantic and artistic personality. You love people but are seriously inclined to love adventures.


You are a passionate and jealous lover: be careful, your warm personality may be dangerous to yourself and your partner!

You keep your feelings under control: relax every now and then! You might miss out on the best of life...


You must have just arrived from Mars! Are you some kind of alien perhaps? How can you have no heart line and no feelings at all?

Life line chart: It starts from the base of the thumb and is round shaped. It surrounds the Venus mount.

A circled line  around the thumb

Line that reaches towards the mount of the moon

Line forked towards the fingers

A line forked downwards

A double line

You’ve a good   balance of both psychological and physical health

You're full of vital energy and always dreaming about adventurous journeys!

You're very extrovert and energetic and tend to be optimistic

You tend to be pessimistic and introvert

You live a "double" life: one is more private and intimate, the other one is your social self

Destiny line: this runs vertically from the middle of the wrist towards the middle finger.

Line that breaks up half way across the palm

Line that overlaps the life line or is long and strongly marked

Line that forks upwards

Line that forks downwards

Line that runs parallel with  other lines

Something will happen which will change your life



You are convinced that your life is under the  control of your destiny and does not depend on your own decisions

You will increase your amount of wealth.

Congratulations: yours is a lucky line!

Your social status and riches will both diminish: I’m sorry!



The Karma laws influence your life: you experience wellbeing and happiness!


Remember that palmistry is a very ancient difficult science, (well.. almost a science) and it doesn’t consist only of a few lines on a hand. So nobody should be too drastic when reading a palm because any little mark might change the whole interpretation.

However what is really necessary for a psychic (besides the knowledge of chiromancy…) is the ability to establish “rapport” with the person asking for advice. If you can establish rapport you will be sure that the other person is ready to believe what you say. How can you manage that? First of all by understanding what the other person’s favourite sensory channel is. For instance, those people who are Visual are attracted by pictures and images  in general; people who are mainly Auditory like listening; and, finally, people who are Kinaesthetic have strong bodily sensations and like doing things. This interpretation of people’s psychology is called VAK.

If you want to build up rapport with a visual person you should  use some of their favourite expressions which are, for instance: “I can SEE clearly; I get the whole PICTURE; I can SEE it through…”

With an auditory person you can say: “It SOUNDS right; I like the MUSIC of the thing; etc.”

Kinaesthetic people enjoy expressions like: “I FEEL I’m in TOUCH with it; it gives me a nice FEELING; I have a GUT FEELING that, etc.”

Invent other expressions yourself and SEE how they SOUND and what you FEEL like...

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