The night

tender is the night...

When the night gently touches your breath

A drowsiness, like a cold blanket, will give you

Lead eyes and icy hands


Let your mind wander

Along never-trodden paths

And don’t be afraid of the darkness

which is filling your head and your body

In the silence you will hear a whisper

Getting louder and louder

And that voice will invite you to a fairies’ feast

And a firm hand will help you

To trespass unknown thresholds

shielded by filigree gates and crystal sentinels.


And you will fly far away to an enchanted wood

Peopled by elves, hobbits and other weird creatures

Who only have eyes for dreaming

And not for scrutinizing

Ears for listening to starry melodies

And not for spying at their neighbour’s door

Hands for giving out magic pipers

And not for slapping innocent children.


You will be a heavy body no longer

You will turn into a fine powdery aura

A thin shiny veil of stars

A soft cloud of sounds …


And I will be like you

As light as a dream…

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