ATTENTION PLEEAASE!!! Witchy is speaking: "Having grown in the sixties seventies I’ve always believed in equality for both the two (or more… ) sexes. But I couldn’t imagine what neuro-scientists would discover at the end of the old millennium: males’ and females’ brains are different!!! And they are different structurally, not only functionally. So, the question is: Is it right for us teachers to test, assess and treat male and female students in the same way? I don’t expect an immediate answer from you, I’m only tipping with my right foot on the floor (next to my broomstick) impatiently…"

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Male intelligence Female intelligence
Boys show a much earlier specialization of the right brain. This is why they often have trouble in learning early in life The female left hemisphere develops sooner than the male one
Females learn to speak earlier and learn languages more quickly
The female ear is better able to pick up nuances of voice, music and other sounds. They retain better hearing longer throughout life
Better distance vision and depth perception Better peripheral vision
Males see better in brighter light
Female eyesight is superior at night
  Female excel at visual memory, facial clues and context
They have a better ability at recognizing faces and remember names
Males react to extremes of temperature Females react faster and more acutely to pain, yet can withstand pain over a longer duration than males
Males react more to extremes of temperature
They are superior in performing new motor combinations and in fine motor dexterity.
Adolescent boys are more physical than adolescent girls
Male infants play more with objects
Females are more responsive to playmates
  Females have a stronger sense of smell and are much more responsive to aromas, odors and subtle changes in smell
  They are more sensitive to bitter flavours and prefer sweet flavours
  Women are more susceptible to the damaging effects of alcohol than males
Circling behaviour: when right-handed males walk over to a table to pick up an object, they are more likely to return by turning to their right Right-handed females are more likely to return by circling around to their left.
High levels of testosterone in males correlate with five behaviours: aggression, competition, self-assertion, self-confidence and self-reliance When female hormonal levels (progesterone and estrogen) are higher, their Maths and spatial skills are lower
Boys are better at problem-solving individually. In particular they excel in:
• Target-directed motor skills (archery, football, etc.)
• Mentally rotating objects
• Mathematical reasoning
• Orienteering

ATTENTION PLEEAAASE! Witchy's speaking again: "Is it fair to treat boys and girls in the same way if they are intrinsically so different? I leave you with the same question I asked before, since I have not been able to find an answer myself… In the meanwhile you can find out how much male or female intelligence is in yourself by doing my two tests:
Female intelligence and Male intelligence

P.S. Just in case you are starting to believe that your dummy Witch Hazel is a * genius* who specializes in neuro-science, I inform you that all the information I shoveled was taken from “Completing the puzzle”, a very intriguing book about brain-based learning which was written by Eric Jensen: you might also decide to visit his site"... provided that you don't forget to come back here!

Is your brain "male-oriented"? Just test it!!! Is your brain "female-oriented"? Just test it!!!
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