I will give you a magic ring
That will make you climb unachievable summits
And reach enchanted castles
Where princesses taken from far away countries
Imprisoned by a dragoon in secret chambers
Listen to the sea waves
Foaming and shattering on the shore

Standing on that shore
You will gaze at the ocean
Lying below your feet

And you will dive into its darkness
Swimming past mucilaginous algae
And iridescent fishes
To search the sea for its treasures
Hidden in time-blackened skeletal galleons

And holding golden coins in your hands
You will crawl through underground caves,
Crossed by slimy rivers and pierced by icy stalactites,
In search of precious gems.

And when you find them
You will fly onto a foamy snowy cloud,
And lie on it
While the ring surrounds you
Like a magical embrace.

My eyes will be the mirror of your smile
And you will rest in my arms
While the golden ring gives you
The sweetest drowsiness of dreams.

Warning! Grammar activities for students!
Witchy doesn't intend to spoil the magic atmosphere created by this poem... in fact, she wrote it herself... aheeemmm ;-))
So, just for once NO GRAMMAR ACTIVITIES!!!

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