On this page you'll be able to find the links to many of witch Hazel's best friends! The sites are all about foreign language learning and Hazel will be glad if you visit them, as long as you promise to come back here very very soon!!! :-))

Sooner or later, all young people will have to look for a job. And the first thing they will need is the skill for writing a personal C.V.. Professional Resumes provides resume writing services that helps you to find a new job faster with your powerful resume.

So, a good idea is to visit Professional-Resumes.com

Inspire Nation takes small groups of leaders to some of the most fascinating places and companies on earth. They find the best examples the world has to offer, and take you to them. Their aim is inspiring organisations to excel through experience. Our tours run from 3 to 6 days. Their clients include governments and blue chip organisations. Simply ingenious!

Everybody knows that learning is much more pleasant and effective when learners are set in a collaborative environment. Well, this is the reason why Nelly Deutsch and Maria Antonietta Sessa, alias Witch Hazel, started a collaborative project based on the study of Hebrew and Italian literature. Giving a look at it will also help you learn how to use the Moodle learning environment. Click and see! Literature Collaborative Learning Project.

Witch Hazel Website has been hosted by an important list of TEFL sites: the world famous Top English Learner Sites! Please, if you want to raise Witchy's Website ranking, please click on the link!!!

Witchy invites you to visit a mine of TEFL resources: http://sitesforteachers.com/


Looking for a translation company that will exceed your expectations time after time? This is the right place!

And there is also a section with a great number of articles about translation which you may find interesting...

Do you know Teacher Joe? Nooo?! That's simply impossible!! He's a legend among Chinese students of English... visit his site and you'll know!
Many of you (sure!) read Hazel's pages about NLP's metaprograms and got fascinated by them. Here's a website which makes you assess your personality from a metaprogramm-atical point and view. URL: http://www.jobeq.com/categories.php
For all ancient wizards who started studying foreign languages when very young Linguaphone is a sort of legend in TEFL, and it still is!! Visit the site Learn Spanish Linguaphone and you'll see! Over 50 language courses in 15 languages!!!
Visit Sab Will's beautiful sites: http://www.parissetmefree.com

Click Here to Visit ITESL And also visit Nellie's fabulous website!

And strictly connected to Nellie's website there's also an exciting teachers' forum

Why should your knowledge be confined to the wonders and magic of the English language? Why don't you try to explore the mysteries of the German idiom? Here’s the site for you: it’s called cactus but it has no thorns and, I assure you, it doesn’t hurt at all! On the contrary visiting it is pure pleasure!!! ;-))
Learn German in Germany

Cactus language is one of the members of the Association
of Language Travel Organisations that provides variety of language
courses in an unique approach.

On what website list could Witch Hazel site be listed if not on a magical one? I'm speaking of Magical Places & Creative Spaces of course...

Who said that English is the only language worthwhile to study? Sure it was a person who can't speak Spanish and has never heard about this exciting school for learning Spanish: IMAC Spanish Language School in Guadalajara, Mexico. Give a look at its amazing site, please!
Can you imagine anything more fascinating than learning Spanish in Seville? NOOO?! Then you should attend CLIC IH Sevilla: it is the leading Spanish language school in Seville and one of the best renowned providers of Spanish courses in Spain.
URL: www.clic.es
And also to this one! Mundo Spanish School Why not? Just imagine what incredible adventure could be learning Spanish in Guatemala?

However, you might also decide to learn Spanish in UK; in this case pay a visit to Language Courses - a gentle approach to language training; this site'll help you find native speakers & qualified experienced trainers anywhere in UK.

Believe me: Newton's Castle is really a fantastic mine of resources for teachers and students interested in science! I advice you to visit it, provided that YOU COME BACK HERE IMMEDIATELY!! ;-))
And what can I say of www.eslcity.com? It is just what witchhazel.it will never be, that is well ordered, neat and perfectly organized!

Prague is an absolutely magic city which I recommend to every witch, fairy, wizard or magician to visit in their free time. Why not using a holiday to get a certification in English language at the wonderful school below? You can give a look at it by simply clicking on the URL or banner!!!


Witchy's website has been added to the database of a very interesting site for ESL teachers: go and visit TEFL.NET for ESL teachers at once!!! And come back soon...
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