Witchy's corner for kids!!!
How to make soap bubbles The CLIL brothers are back! The CLIL brothers, show you how to make soap bubbles in the classroom!!! And you will also learn the Physics of bubbles, in a very exciting way!
The tale of a wicked puzzle: a fairy tale written and narrated by Witch Hazel herself!!!
The tale of a wicked puzzle videogame!
This is the story of an unhappy princess who couldn't fall in love with any young man because... you'll discover yourself while listening to Witchy's voice!!!
A fairy tale: Cinderella and her crystal shoe!! Cinderella!!! Will Cinderella be a poor girl for ever? Or will she find joy beside her prince? The answer is in two exciting puzzles Witchy has made up for you...

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Put some order into this fairy tale! Two incredible puzzles...

Snow White fairy tale!!! Look at what Witch Hazel has done with Snow White fairy tale!!! This is only the first one of a series of tales Hazel is making up. Lots of fun!!!

Witchy's magazine for girls

Print a copy of Witchy's magazine with your name on the cover!!!


Witchy's magazine!!!
Witchy's magazine for girls is on sale!!! Now you can publish and print your paper with your own name on the cover and in the titles. WOOOWW!!!

Witchy's wardrobe

Help Witchy to choose the right clothes for the day!!


Witchy's strip!!
When you finish playing with Witchy's clothes you can make an English sentence about her style!

Witchy's wardrobe two

What would life be without colours? Very sad, it's Witchy's opinion...


Witchy's wardrobe!!
It's difficult to find the right colours for clothing, isn't it? Witch Hazel needs some help from you! When you finish there's a veeery siiiimple activity in English...

Be happy and keep on playing with me (Witch Hazel, of course... ) in English!!!

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