Guessing the truth

A creative writing activity for intermediate-level learners

Witchy says: "Actually I'm not sure whether this may be classified as a magical activity or not but, after all, what do magicians do if not guessing, guessing and guessing? For them it's very difficult to guess the future (in fact they seldom succeed at that... ), not even easier for them to understand the past; so let's try with the present! Just relax and look at this portrait of a woman and her daughter made by Witchy herself".

Preparation: The teacher prints and photocopies the drawing and the text. Each student should have a a copy).

Relax and breathe deeply while looking at this portrait, and let your unconscious mind wander wherever "she" likes to. Close your eyes and let images come freely into your mind, feel what you like feeling and listen to the sounds that your imagination conjures up. Finally open your eyes again and answer these questions. There is no way to give the wrong answer: your unconscious mind cannot make mistakes...

  1. What is the woman's name? And what is her daughter called?
  2. How old are they?
  3. How long has the girl been sleeping?
  4. Is the woman tired of having her in her arms?
  5. Do you think the woman is married or not?
  6. What is the woman thinking? (Say it in direct speech)
  7. What is the girl dreaming of?
  8. If the woman is not married, do you think she is having a relationship with someone?
  9. Is she happy with this man?
  10. Is he the girl's father?
  11. Has the woman got a job? What kind of job?
  12. Who looks after her daughter when she is at work?
  13. Do you think she wants to leave her job and spend all the time with her daughter?
  14. Does she have any other sons or daughters? How many? What are they called?
  15. Where does the woman live? In Europe? In the States? In Asia? Or has she emigrated to a foreign country?
  16. In this case, is she homesick?
  17. What kind of house does the woman live in? A flat? A house with a garden? A mansion? A poor house in a depressed area?
  18. What does she do in her free time? Does she like singing or painting or going to the gym? Or does she simply watch television?
  19. What about the girl? What does she like doing? Does she play with dolls? Or does she play in her garden with a pet?
  20. What about the girl's pet? Is it a dog or a cat? What's it called?
  21. etc. etc.

Now, let's make up new questions! Again close your eyes and relax and let your unconscious mind build up all the images, sounds and feelings "she" wants to... ask "her" (your unconscious mind) new questions and very soon new facts and situations about the mother and the girl will come up. You have only to write down what your "right hemisphere" will suggest you.

If you don't believe me, go to the brain-based learning section and see how our magical brains work.

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