Time passing

I was listening
To time passing
Slipping quietly
Past falling feet
And coffee cups
Candles and kisses
Sheets of paper
Shuffled fingers
Dripping slyly
Fleeing shyly

Grim Farmer

Witchy whispers: "I don't like to waste the magic of this simple poem with a lesson on past continuous but, unfortunately, I can't forget the teacher inside myself, under my skin, in my bones... In fact I'm going to give you an example of how a brain-friendly teacher would explain the past continuous tense!."

A dialogue in a brain-friendly class:

Teacher's question: "Why do we use past continuous instead of past simple?"

Student's answer: "I really don't know!! Probably because you teachers want to make things more complicated for us... "

Teacher: "Read the poem "Time passing" again and imagine if there was - I listened - instead of - I was listening - How would it change? Close your eyes, breathe deeply and see what happens... "

Student: "Uhmmm... I just can't imagine all those things passing before my eyes..."

Teacher: "Now go back to - I was listening to - and tell me what happens!"

Student: "I can hear clocks ticking, I can see cups passing before my nose, I can even touch candles and smack kisses but I still can't understand what - shuffled fingers dripping slyly- mean!"

Teacher: "Don't worry about that! I see you can *feel* the language now. Past continuous tense gives you the sensation of experiencing NOW that moment as it exactly happened in the past. Now you're ready for an exciting multiple choice exercise on the use of past continuous! (Right hemisphere versus left hemisphere)..."

Quiz on past continuous tense!

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