An activity for upper intermediate, advanced levels

Ask your students to create their own fairy tales by using these photocopiable pages. They can cut out the pictures, stick them on hard paper and use them as cards

Language goals:

learning how to tell a story, relate events, describe people and situations.
Communicative aims: building up team cooperation, using imagination and creativity
Instructions: Students divide into groups of two or three and each group chooses a story teller. The story teller mixes the cards, lays the first ten on the desk, then breathes deeply, relaxes and waits for a new story build itself up almost by magic… (in written or oral form). The other student's) listen. Then students swap roles.
Castle Dance Escape
Giant Gift Knight
Forest Fairy  

This is a very exciting game which may enhance both your students’ story telling talent and their teamwork skills:


Instructions: Students play in groups of three or four
one of them, the tale master, mixes the cards and distributes them to his/her friends

the tale master starts the story by saying:

Once upon a time there was a...”
the next one reads the card and adds a sentence which makes the story go on (for instance: ”... a king who was very old and selfish”)
the second one reads his/her card and invents a link between the characters or events presented by the cards (for instance, the second card is the voyage: “so he decided to make his last voyage to a remote region of his kingdom”.

The game goes on until the cards are over and the first boy/girl who remains with no cards has to find the right ending to the fairy tale.

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