For teachers only:  It's very likely that your students are very expert Internet navigators but there is also a chance that some of them have not been initiated to the Worls Wide Web mysteries yet. In this case you can use this page as an introduction to a proper Internet lesson. Print and photocopy everything for your classes!


An exciting lesson about how to become expert Internet surfer.

Part one: Microsoft Explorer

Witchy says: "The person speaking below is a very up-to-date and enthusiastic English teacher... just like you! Today your enthusiasm will make your students fly in the cyberspace with you!!!"

"Hello kids!! Shall we start our navigation in the World Wide Web ocean?" Yees! "Well, then let’s turn the PC and look for the icon of Internet Explorer on the desktop. 

Double click on the icon and you will see this dialogue box asking you to insert the user name and the password (both were given to you by the provider). Now click on “Connect” to start the browser".


Question: what’s a browser?

A browser is a program Software that allows a user to navigate the World Wide Web by clicking with a mouse on underlined text and graphical objects

punto elenco

Write the user name in the 2nd text box

punto elenco

Write the password in the 3rd text box

punto elenco

Click beside "Save password" if you want to save the password



Digit the U.R.L. of the site you want to visit in the address bar

Question: what’s a U.R.L.?  A U.R.L. is the acronym of Uniform Resource Locator. It identifies each Web site (and also each one of its pages) and it’s the address of any Web site

The blue bar is the title bar which shows the file name

Below there is the menu bar
Under the menu bar is the tool bar with its *precious* icons
Finally you see the
address bar.
If you want to save a page, click on File in the  menu bar and then on Save as...

    This is the usual window for saving files: you know it very well!
Favorites: Add the link to the web page you’re visiting to the list of your favourite ones!Click on Add to Favorites

  Save the link in the existing folders...
… or create a new one!  

  These are the buttons on the tool bar; push and see what happens!  
Back: this button is used to visualise the page you’ve seen just before the last one
Forward: it is useful to go forward in the navigation. This button is active only after pressing the Back button
Stop: it stops downloading the page if you get sick of virtual journeys and suddenly decide to take a walk outside (much healthier…)
  Refresh: if the page takes too long to visualise, click on Reload and hope...  

  Home: click here and you can go back to the first page which Netscape usually shows (do you remember Preferences?)  

  Search: click here and a search engine (see page… for “search engines”) will open up  

Favorites: it visualizes the list of your favorite web pages  

History: it records all the pages you have last visited  

Mail: it opens the mail program  

  Print: That’s unbelievable:  You click on Print and you… print the page you‘re visiting


  Edit: useful in case you want to make your own web pages

Messenger: this buttons starts a program which helps you stay in contact with on-line friends. You can check if friends are connected and you can also send and get instant messages: doesn’t it sound fascinating?  

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