by Jocely de Deus Pinheiro


Last holiday I decided to travel somewhere where I could try different things, so I decided to go to Mato Grosso do Sul/Southwest Brazil, to a small town called BONITO. As Bonito is very far away from where I live, Fortaleza-CE, Northeast Brazil, I had to fly there1. After doing a bit of research on the WEB, I discovered that GOL airlines were the cheapest way to get to there, so I flew until Campo Grande and there2 I got a bus to Bonito. It took me about fourteen hours from Fortaleza to Bonito, a six-hour flight plus an eight-hour bus trip!!! That was a lot but I really enjoyed the flight...

It was very hot when I arrived at the bus station in Bonito, about 40ºC, and fortunately the van from the Youth Hostel was already there3 waiting for me. The long trip and the heat made me really tired. Short after we were at the Youth Hostel. I really enjoy staying in Youth Hostels, especially when you are travelling on your own – like I was, because you always meet interesting people from all over the world there4 and you can practise speaking foreign languages all day long. I spoke English and Spanish during the 20 days I was on holiday and that5 was amazing!!!

In Bonito you can do all sorts of ecological sports such as trekking, canoeing, rappelling, diving and snorkelling. The day starts very early in the Youth Hostel: breakfast is from 6:30 to 8:00 because all the ecological activities start at 8:30. The Hostel offers a great variety of places where you can go. The Hostel’s receptionists organise the activities for groups of a maximum number of 12. It is necessary to control the number of people that visit the caves, parks, and rivers every day in order to preserve nature. Once you decide where you are going for the day, you put your BONITO-KIT in your backpack (swimming suit, trekking clothes/shoes/sandals, hat/cap, towel, bottle of water, cereal bars, camera) and get ready to have a lot of fun.

After a whole day of ecological activities, people at the Hostel get together and go to the lovely bars in the city centre to drink the typical local spirits: “CACHAÇA TABOA”.  I don’t like cachaça but going out with everyone was good fun... 

From all the things I’ve experienced in my 31 years of existence, snorkelling and rappelling in Bonito were probably the most fantastic!!!

1.       Find synonyms for the following words:

a) a trip by airplane  __________________________________________          

b) from another country  ______________________________________  

c) fantastic _________________________________________________                     

d) general name for alcoholic drinks  ______________________________

e) related to nature  _________________________________           

1.       TRUE or FALSE?

Jocely had to cross the country to get to Bonito. True                   False

Jocely got to the Youth Hostel by taxi.

True                   False

Jocely travelled with friends to Bonito.

True                   False

Jocely can speak three different languages.

True                   False

Jocely went rappelling and snorkelling in Bonito.

True                   False

1.        What other words/expressions do these words refer to?

a) there1 (paragraph 1)                     _____________________

b) there2 (paragraph 1)                     _____________________

c) there3 (paragraph 2)                     _____________________

d) there4 (paragraph 2)                     _____________________

e) that5  (paragraph 2)                      _____________________



1.       Answer the following questions:

a)       How is Nature preserved in Bonito?

b)       Why does Jocely enjoy Youth Hostels so much?

c)       What should a tourist take during the ecological activities in Bonito?

d)       How old is Jocely?

e)       Describe the YOUTH HOSTELERS’ routine in Bonito.

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