The dark lady


Here you are again:
playing the dark lady in a dark mood

Feeling sorry for yourself

Thinking all the pains of the world

Belong to the selfsame person

Who is you.


Absurd you think

To look young and beautiful

To be courted by men

And desire nobody

To be considered bright and cultured

And feel stupid inside


Here you are again:

feeling sorry for yourself

and thinking all the tears on earth

canít match the ocean of sorrow inside you

what a big example of wrong perspective!

what an unbearable Narcissus!


and there he is:

the little devil hidden in the room corner

snarling at you

at first you hadnít noticed him

or pretended not to have to

then the snarl got too loud

and you couldnít butÖ


There he is

laughing at you and your petty sorrows

and that snarl turns somehow funny

and even musical

and now it starts tickling your foot plants

and your armpits

and you burst out laughing

and it seems like ages you didnít laugh so much at the world

at yourself

at the absurdity of things looking obvious

only to you

and nobody elseÖ

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