Witchy's story goes on...


Dear friends,
I left you when I had a bump on my nose due to a huge book which had just hit it. I also told you I spent the whole night completely absorbed in that book as if it had been a masterpiece of erotic literature… but I didn’t tell you what had happened before I started reading it, or did it only happen in my dream? I can’t say, however, I remember quite clearly that I had that book in my hands when from its pages, as if they were a sort of Aladdin lamp, a smoky bluish shape came out and quickly took the features of a wizard in his middle age, that is a one-hundred-forty-six year old man.

Witchy: “Are you a magic creature or what else?”
T.G.: “ Of course I am a magic creature! We teachers are all magic creatures! Haven’t you ever noticed that we appear in places as unfamiliar as classrooms at fixed times and equally disappear from the same when the magic is over?”
Witchy: “Yes, but children always refer to the phenomenon as “a nuisance” not as a sorcery… “
T.G.: “ That’s because their teachers are not effective teachers… I mean they are unable to establish a good relationship between themselves and their pupils”.
Witchy: “How can I know if I am an effective teacher? I mean, I don’t think I am such one because I usually have conflicts with pupils… you know, teenagers are not easy to manage and they can get on your nerves very easily…
T.G.: “ It does not matter if you have conflicts! At work, at school or at home, conflicts with others are inevitable. They are the moment of truth in a relationship—a test of its health, a crisis that can weaken it or an opportunity to strengthen it. By the way, what’s your name?"
Witchy: “Witch Hazel!”
T.G.: “ Thomas Gordon! Since we’ve talked about tests, I would like to administer you a test that will assess your effectiveness as a teacher”.
Witchy: “Shoot!!”
T.G.: “Bang!”


Dear friends, by now you should have understood that the sort of genius-in-a-book who appeared to me was the kind of person who is most likely to fascinate myself: that is intelligent, unconventional and almost completely crazy. His name is certainly familiar to many as he is one of the most celebrated gurus of contemporary psychology: Thomas Gordon!!! If you want to administer yourself the same test he inflicted to me, in order to ascertain if you’re effective teachers or not, just click on the link below, but I must warn you: the results may be shocking!!!
TET Teaching Effectiveness Test

The story goes on! Read the sequel: Effective teachers!

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