Witchy is going to tell you a new story...

Dear friends, I don’t know your opinion about wizard’s training courses but I will clearly state mine:

they keep on reinventing the magic formula for making hot water boil!!

To be honest, the Farmer is rather addicted to this sort of things: he regularly falls in love with every new fad in wizardry and all Farml people are obliged to follow him into the latest madness.

(For all those people who do not know who the Farmer is, I’ll only say that once I lived in a place called Tefl Farm. If you want to give a look at my previous life you can visit http://www.languagefunfarm.com provided that you remember to come back here SOON!!!)


As I was saying, the Farmer is rather fond of all latest fashions in wizardry teaching and so yesterday he knocked at the door of my NLP magic cottage, where I daily give my lessons in Neuro Linguistic Programming to the Farm kids, and let two strange people come in.

Farmer: “Hello Witchy! I want to introduce you to these two guys. They are twins and their names are… ehmmm... actually they have one name which goes for both of them: they are called CLIL brothers!
I (Witch Hazel): “CLIL?! What the hell does that mean?”
Farmer: “Well, I’m not that sure… I’ll ask them… By the way, they are Siamese twins not because they are physically joined to each other but because they come from Siam. We shall call them CLIL the first and CLIL the second. Please, CLIL the first, what does your name mean?”
CLIL I: “It’s an acronym. It means Content and Learning…
CLIL II:… Integrated Language. That means I know the content...”
CLIL I: “… and I know the language!”
“ And what sort of content do you know?” I asked
CLIL I: “History and Literature… “
CLIL II: “… Of Witchcraft and Sorcery!”
I (Witch Hazel): “That’s fine! Would you mind giving me and the pupils an example of one your lessons!”


CLIL II started whispering something in his own language into CLIL I’s ear who seemed to take some time to process the content internally and finally shouted out: “The invention of Witchcraft and Sorcery goes back to the XXth century BC... when Grinderus and Bandlerus, the great Fathers of all Wizardry, wrote their famous work... “Change yourself into a successful sorcerer in 24 hours”.

The thing went on for some time with CLIL II murmuring Siamese words to CLIL I who translated everything in English. The kids passed very soon from utter astonishment to complete boredom. In fact their mouths, which were at first wide open out of surprise, soon began to emit hoarse noises hardly suppressed because of the Farmer’s presence.

I (Witch Hazel): “You know who they remind me of, Farmer? Carabineers!!”
Farmer: “What?!”
I (Witch Hazel): “Yes! You know I was born in Italy? Well, in Italy carabineers always go around in pairs and people think they do that because one is able to read and the other to write, so they don’t have any problems if they have to fine someone!!”
Farmer: “As usual, my Witch, you are against all progress in the field of Witchcraft methodology! I wonder what this school would become there weren’t myself here to push you and your colleagues into the paths of innovation!”

The good thing was that after my joke about Italian carabineers the Farmer and the CLIL brothers disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived.

Orsola: “Witchy! Those men were horrible!”
Lia: “Yes! You need both of them to make one teacher and not even a good one! What is the sense of all this?”

I don’t know friends! I’m leaving you with this big question: What is the sense of new trends in teaching if they bring teachers and students into such confusion?
That night I went to bed with this question running through my mind when I fell asleep. Actually I’m not sure if I fell asleep or had a vision because what I saw was so clear that even now it doesn’t look like a dream at all. In fact I still have a bump on my nose because of that book which fell from the shelf onto my head… I remember quite clearly this huge book falling into my hands, after hitting my forehead and then my nose, as I just said… It looked like a sort of Bible since it was covered in red leather. And on the front cover there was this title impressed in gold letters:

“ Effective wizards” by Thomas Gordon.


I spent the whole night reading that book. The only time in my life I happened to spend a night reading a book was when I was a seventy-five-year-old teenage witch and I couldn’t stop reading Lady Chatterly’s Lover by David Herbert Lawrence. But those times are so far away and nowadays as soon as I see a bed and a cushion... I fall asleep! But not on that night when Gordon’s book fell on my nose, or I dreamt it had fallen on my nose… who knows? Wait for the sequel of the story and you will know!!!

Clil Brothers part two

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