It was a splendid autumn afternoon and I was spending my time happily e-mailing my friend Nellie Deutsch. Maybe I never talked to you about my new friend: she is a Canadian witch who teaches English Magic Arts to students in a school in Netanya, Israel. She’s an incredibly gifted witch and together we have started a collaborative project on Israeli and Italian literature. Students have to read everything in English, of course! But if you want to know more jump to this link:

Anyway, I hope you’ll do that later because now I’m going to tell you about the shock of my life. On that famous afternoon, I was keeping my eyes fixed on the pc screen when I felt I was observed by some disturbing alien presence; slowly I turned my eyes to the window and this is what I saw: (scroll down)


Four bulging eyes were scrutinizing me through the window glasses! And they even started to knock furiously on the window panes. Then I recognized the horrid people: they were the CLIL twins who had come back to me after I had ridiculed them in the first episode of “The genius in the book” saga! The blood in their eyes could mean only one thing:


“ Hello friends! What a splendid idea to come to pay a visit to a poor lonely frail witch!” Centuries of feminist fights have taught me this is always the best strategy with dangerous malevolent males.
1st CLIL twin: “Don’t try to soften us! We have come here with one goal only: to show you that CLIL is a winning learning/teaching strategy and not the whim of some crazy TEFL thinker who is in the midst of a creativity crisis”
The 2nd CLIL twin took a sticky bottle of something from his pocket and showed it to me: “We, the famous CLIL brothers, are going to show you how to teach Physics by using a bottle of SOAP BUBBLE LIQUID!”
1st CLIL twin: “First step: let’s show the students how to make soap bubbles. They will study the instructions in English of course. Did you hear, Witchy?!”
“ Yes, sure! I’m listening…”

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