To build a high tech bubble blowing tube you need:

  • two sheets of writing or photocopy paper
  • masking tape
  • scissors.

Roll the two sheets into a tight cone or tube with the opening 3 to 4 cm. wide.

Tape the top of the cone with masking tape. This way the cone will never get wet with soap solution.

Cut the small end of the cone so there is an opening about 1 cm. wide.

Cut down the cone at the large end, exactly where there are various layers of papers.

The edge of the cone should be completely smooth.

After cutting, the cone should stand upright.

The finished cone ready for bubble making.

The cone can be used repeatedly, just set it out to dry after each use.

Here on the right you can admire a perfect example of obsessive bubble blowing!!

Now go to the Soap bubbles and surface tension page where the CLIL twins will explain you Physics through the use of this high tech bubble machine!


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