Cinderella and the chrystal shoe

Witchy says: "Hi teachers!! Today is Christmas and I want to give you a present, a beautiful fairy tale which your students, even the youngest ones, certainly already know: Cinderella! I hope you will enjoy it with them when the school holidays are over (alas!). Ask the students (11-13 years old) to make the puzzle in the PC lab or, if you don't have an Internet connection, print and photocopy this page. Feel free to do that. I drew all the pictures just for you!!!"

Hi kids!!!
What about solving a very exciting puzzle? Just drag and drop the pieces until they come to the right place. You will notice when they do because of a magic magnetic effect...



























Another puzzle: Was it easy?!?! YEEEES!!! Then you can solve the same puzzle again, but this time it is in English... !


























I'm sure you've enjoyed the puzzle!! So wait for the next magic trick Witch hazel will conjure up for you, kids!!!

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