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I left you with a few tips on how to get rid of burnout teacher's syndrome and I hope they have been all effective, especially Brain Gym exercises! The problem is that with this sort of syndrome you easily win the battle but always lose the war. In fact last night, as I finished grading the one-hundred fifty-fifth test, I felt all the beneficial effects of cross crawls, lazy eight’s and hook ups had vanished. My head was throbbing exactly like my coffee machine in the morning, when it’s so crammed with coffee powder that it swells and coughs and seems to be on the brink of blowing up, but then, almost by miracle, decides to pour a delicious black and thick Italian espresso for my pleasure. I wished my head could produce coffee as well but it seemed more likely to be going to burst!

It was then that my friend Pompeus knocked at my door.

Pompeus: “Oh excuse me! I thought Ms Hazel was at home, and I didn’t know she had a waitress; can you tell your lady I’m calling her again tomorrow evening? However, I would advice you to take a rest because you look as if you had spent the whole day washing and polishing the floors of the Empire State Building!"

I wanted to die but I kept my coolness and answered: “Oh! Ms Hazel is upstairs making up herself. If you can wait a few minutes she’ll be here in a few minutes!”I rushed upstairs, took all my magic creams and splashed them on my face until it turned from deadly grey into bright pink, dived into an evening dress and went downstairs again, walking with allure and nonchalance and waving to my charming friend “Hi Pompeus! How nice to pay me such an unexpected visit!” Pompeus coughed slightly and behaved in such a gentlemanlike style (how different from his friend the Farmer!) that I’ll never know if he believed my pantomime.

Pompeus: “You look as beautiful as ever, my dear Hazel! Anyway I’ve spotted some tension on your pearly skin texture. Do you mind if I teach you some more Brain Gym exercises? It might help you… ”

Hazel: “It would be a bliss to me!!! I’ feel so tired that your lessons on Brain Gym will sound to my ears like a celestial concert of harps!”

I know what you’re thinking: I can be really fascinating when a handsome man intrigues me… Now listen to the new exercises Pompeus has taught me and do them yourselves: they are a magical remedy for overstressed people like teachers!


Double doodle

  • Start with two pens and one piece of paper
  • Begin by just scribbling with both hands at the same time
  • Then try a variety of shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and so on.

It's great to help the two brain hemispheres work in unison again!

Brain buttons

  • Put one hand so that there is as wide a space as possible between the thumb and index finger
  • Place your index and thumb into the slight indentations below the collar bone on each side of the sternum
  • Press lightly in a pulsing manner At the same time put the other hand over the navel area of the stomach. Gently press on these points for about 2 minutes. Do the same with the other side.

This exercise helps improve blood flow to the brain to "switch on" the entire brain. The increased blood flow helps improve concentration skills required for reading, writing, etc.

Arm activation

  • Compare the two arms in terms of length, relaxation, and flexibility
  • Hold one arm
    next to your ear, and grasp that arm below the elbow with the opposite hand
  • The opposite arm
    should be positioned behind the head
  • Exhale gently through pursed lips, while activating
    muscles by pushing the arm against the other hand in four directions (front, back, in, and away). Do the same with the other side.

It's great for lenghtening the muscles of chest and shoulders and it greatly facilitates writing!

Could I leave my friend without offering him a cup of the delicious Italian espresso delivered by my coffee machine? Noooo! Well, you'll never be able to imagine the grimace of utter disgust my friend Pompeus made!!!

Hazel: "What? You don't like Italian espresso?!"

Pompeus: "I have nothing against those high viscosity beverages overflowing with caffeine that Italians like so much, but coffee only gives you the illusion of dissolving tiredness and stress. Actually, since it excites the nervous system and is also dehydrating, it creates a vicious circle by which you keep on drinking more coffee both to keep awake and restore water levels. In other words, you end up by feeling dehydrated and, what's worse, overstressed".

Hazel: "What should I drink then?"

Pompeus: "Water! Brain comprises more water (about 90%) than of any other organ of the body. Drinking some water before and during class can help "grease the wheel". Drinking water is very important before any stressful situation as we tend to perspire under stress, and dehydration can effect our concentration negatively".

Hazel: "Oh dear Pompeus! How could I know that? I'll throw the coffee machine into the waste bin immediately and convert to a life of abstinence from coffee and whatsoever exciting drink!"

It was so that I gained my friend Pompeus's trust and respect... However I took the coffee machine from the wastebin as soon as he left my home, cleaned, polished and cherished it... but you're not going to tell him, I suppose, my faithful friends of the Magic Wood Cottage?

Lots of love from your affectionate Witch!!!

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