A lovely family

by Jocely de Deus Pinheiro

Instructions for the teacher: photocopy the page below and hand it out to students. When they finish reading the story they can start doing the exercises. Of course!!

N.B.: Sunflower has asked me to explain that, since she is Sunflower and not Silvia, the family below is not hers!!


This is a photo of my lovely family.

That’s my Irish husband, Tim. Tim’s a doctor He’s short and not very handsome. He’s got fair skin and short black hair. He’s a very good doctor but he’s very lazy; he sleeps a lot. He’s 35. Tim loves watching TV in bed and he watches TV all the weekend. He hates going out because he doesn’t like places with a lot of people and also because he hates driving!!! We have got four children and a pet, a fat and black cat. Her name’s Miau. Miau is very lazy and she eats very much!!! Miau’s food is very expensive, a kilo of Miau’s cat food costs € 45.50 (forty five Euros and fifty cents). Every week, Miau eats 10 kilos of cat food!!!

Our children are Joshua, Joseph, John, and Joana. They were all born in Germany where we now live. Joshua’s the baby and he’s only 11 months old. He’s fat, and he hasn’t got any hair. He’s only got two teeth and he cries very much!!! Joseph and Joana are twins. They’ve got brown hair and dark eyes and they’re not fat. They are 6 years old and they study in a local public school. They love playing video games on the computer and eating chocolate but they don’t like studying very much… They are very lazy like their father. John is 9 years old and he’s got curly blonde hair like me. He’s active and he loves going to school and studying Maths and English. He hates playing video games and watching TV. He also hates eating chocolate but he loves eating vegetables and fruit.


Oh, my name is Silvia and I’m from Scotland, United Kingdom and I’m 32 years old. I’ve got curly blonde hair and dark eyes. I’m a housewife. I love gardening and cooking delicious food and sweets for my husband and children. I also love taking my children to play in the park every morning and afternoon on the weekend and when they are on holiday. I hate watching TV and staying in bed; I prefer going out to the lovely parks and shopping places in our city… I usually go out with the children and my husband stays home with Miau, in bed, watching TV!!!

1.  Find, in the text, one example of...

  1. s (plural form) ________________________________________________________

  2. s (present simple, third person) __________________________________________

  3. ‘s (possessive) _______________________________________________________

  4. ‘s (verb to be he/she/it form) ____________________________________________

2.   Read the passage A LOVELY FAMILY and answer the questions below.
  1. Silvia and Tim like the same things.

  2. Miau and Tim are very active.

  3. Silvia and her children are from the same country.

  4. John is very different from the twins.

  5. Silvia loves cooking and going out with her children.

a) True        False

b)  True        False

c)  True        False

d) True        False

e)  True        False
3. Find, in the text, a synonym for…

  1. the name of the money in Europe: _________________________________

  2. a person who doesn’t like doing many things: ________________________

  3. a woman who doesn’t work out of the house: _________________________

  4. biscuits, cakes, pies, candies, chocolates: __________________________

4. Who is it that…

  1. loves studying? ______________________________________________

  2. likes eating expensive food? ___________________________________

  3. hates staying at home? _______________________________________

  4. loves playing computer games? _________________________________


5.  Answer the questions?

  1. Why doesn’t Tim like going out? ____________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

  2. Which of the children have got a healthy and an unhealthy style of living?___________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

  3. Describe Silvia.__________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

  4. How much do Tim and Silvia spend on Miau’s cat food every month (=4 weeks)?______________________________________________________________________

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